Zoom class at 7am. Email us for link!

PVC/Broomstick Pass-throughs, Dynamic Leg Kicks (Front, Back, Side)
3 rounds of: 5 Squat with 3 second hold on bottom, 5 Push Jerks + Split Jerk, 5 Cobra/Down Dogs

A: 6 Rounds of 7 Reps of Back Squats

8 min AMRAP of: 8 Floor Presses, 8 Hand Stand Push-ups, 8 Good Mornings
Rest 3 minutes
2 min AMRAP of: Alternating Snatch + Overhead Squat

Lunch Abs Sesh
2 Rounds of 30 Second Stations
-Plank Hold
-Russian Twists
-Leg Flutters
-Dead Bugs

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