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Lamorinda CrossFit is more than a gym, it’s a community.

We work out together, supporting each other to reach their goals. It becomes fun, as we look forward to seeing our friends each time we go to work out.



This 3-session program is required for all new members with minimal or no CrossFit experience.
This is our most basic on-ramp course that will teach you the fundamental movements used in LCF daily programing.
Upon completion of this on-ramp course you will have a month of unlimited membership to enjoy as many classes as you like!

  • $250 – Single 
  • $450 – Double

$300 – Extended On-ramp
This on-ramp course consists of 6 one-on-one sessions that provide a softer start to the LCF daily programming.

$800Fully Custom On-ramp
This on-ramp package includes 12 fully customized on-ramp sessions that will get you ready to join all LCF classes at your own pace.

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Visitor Drop-Ins

We welcome drop-ins for experienced visiting CrossFitters. Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of time to sign the waiver.

  • $30 – Per Visit

Sign up your Drop-In class by visiting our schedule, choose the class you’d like to attend, and create a profile in which you can sign the waiver online (please bring a printed copy if possible).

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Punch Cards

Punch cards work well for new members, just getting started. Work up to your fitness goals with the flexibility of coming when you can.

  • $30 – One Visit
  • $250 – 10 Visit Punch Card

Class sizes are limited, so be sure to sign up for classes through our online schedule. 

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