New to CrossFit?

We take all new members through our On-Ramp Program to teach them the basics before integrating them into the regular classes.

Learn about our On-Ramp Program, then get in touch with us to sign up.

Membership with LCF

If you’re new to CrossFit, you must start by going through our on-ramp program.

Unlimited Monthly Memberships

Includes access to all classes.

Single $198.00 / Double $356.00

3 Month Prepaid Unlimited Membership

This membership grants 3 months access to all classes. Savings of $10/mo when prepaid.

Single $564.00 / Double $992.00

Punch Cards and Drop-Ins

We welcome drop-ins for experienced visiting CrossFitters.
Please arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of time to sign the waiver; or, visit our schedule, choose the class you’d like to attend, and create a profile in which you can sign the waiver online (please bring a printed copy if possible). If you are brand new to CrossFit, contact us about on-ramp options.

Single Visit $30.00
10 Visit Punch Card $255.00

On-Ramp Program

An On-Ramp Program is required for all new members (learn more here). Regular On-Ramp includes 3 sessions plus first month of membership. After successful completion of your on-ramp, you’ll be ready to join in  regular classes.

Single $250.00 / Double $450.00

Extended On-Ramp

This on-ramp course consists 6 one on one sessions that provide a softer start to the LCF daily programming.

Extended On-Ramp $300.00

Full Custom On-ramp

This on-ramp package includes 12 fully customized on-ramp sessions that will get you ready to join all LCF classes at your own pace.

Full Custom On-Ramp $800.00

*15% Discount for First responder / military / teacher / student are available, please email us using our Contact Form for details.

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