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Lamorinda CrossFit is located in a small industrial area near the center of Lafayette CA., off of Mount Diablo Blvd.
Our facility offer group classes as well as personal training we use CrossFit as our training method. CrossFit classes include constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.

We take the boredom out of training, with our varied programming.

At LCF you will train with others in a high-energy class were the music is blasting and the energy is through the roof!
You will not find machines and/or treadmills but you will learn to climb ropes, flip tires and lift barbells. All of it is under the watchful eyes of our knowledgeable and professional coaches.

You will always be able to scale the work according to your fitness level and we promise your workouts will never last longer than an hour; so for those busy individuals it is the perfect setting to get an effective workout in a reasonable amount of time.
We will improve your capacity in the ten fitness domains, from endurance to stamina and strength, as well as coordination, balance, accuracy speed, agility, flexibility. We will make you powerful and ready to tackle the day to day life demands, or any sport requirements.

If you prefer a private setting, we also offer private classes with any of our coaches or a personal program design based on your particular needs.

Lamorinda CrossFit is also all about building a community; our clients come for different walks of life, but they all share the love to get fit and having fun while doing it.



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