A: 12-min AMRAP of:
(work as a ladder complete all movements 1x, then 2x, then 3x and go as far as possible in 12 minutes)
Wall Walk
Chest to bar (Scale: kip – banded strict)
Ring Dip (Scale: stationary dip – box dip)

B: 4 KB Complexes For Time: (No RX weight – Find a weight you will be challenged with but can finish WOD)
1 complex =
8 KB Deadlifts
8 KB Cleans (4/4)
8 KB Hang Snatches (4/4)
2 Turkish Get-ups (1/1)

A: 5 Rounds of 40:20
Battle Ropes
Goblet Squats
Sled Pulls
Hand release push-ups

B: 100m Run – 100m Row – 1min Rest
200m Run – 200m Row – 1 min Rest
300m Run – 300m Row – DONE

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