The CrossFit Open is indeed happening this year! We will be hosting as usual, with our outdoor setup (barring any county changes). Click here to register, and be sure to pick the Lamorinda CrossFit team. For those of you newer to the gym, the CrossFit Open is just that—open to everyone, with a matrix of divisions for age group and skill level. And this year with many gyms unable to use their normal indoor space, they are offering options for limited equipment. Our fabulous coaches are here to any questions you may have. Don’t miss all the fun!

Warm-ups: TABATA: cal row then, TABATA: Double-unders

A: Build to heavy 5 reps each side Turkish Get-ups

2×10 each side Split squat – RX+ Elevate Front Foot
2×10 each side Single Leg RDL

C: 2 rounds For Time:
20 Hollow Rocks
20 V-ups
20 Flutter Kicks
20 Heel Taps

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