PVC/Broomstick Pass-throughs, Dynamic Leg Kicks (Front, Back, Side)
3 rounds of: 15 Good mornings with PVC or Band, 15 Stripper Squats, 20-second Squat Hold

WOD Back Squats (Complete with a 3 second pause at the active bottom of squat)


Buy in: 2 minutes of running, rowing, slam balls, step-ups, jump roping or jumping jacks (your choice)

50 steps out/back Farmer’s Carry https://youtu.be/T-3lacPakkM
50 Clean and Jerks (or presses)
50 steps out/back Front Rack Carry https://youtu.be/jumVlXfY1Pc
50 Renegade Rows https://youtu.be/YHN0SGa-68Q

Lunch Abs Sesh
9 rounds of Tabata (20 secs work, 10 secs rest)
Alternate rounds of: Right Plank, Left Plank, Laying Toes to Bar