Today we honor RCMP Const. Heidi Stevenson, 23-year veteran of the police force who was killed in the line of duty last week in the worst mass shooting in Canada’s history.

– PVC/Broomstick Pass-throughs, Dynamic Leg Kicks (Front, Back, Side)
-One trip (10-15 steps one way) Bear Crawl, Inch Work, Toy Soldier, Spidermans, Lunge Twists

AMRAP 23 minutes
– 23 air squats
– 23 push-ups
– 23 KB swings
– 23 jumping lunges
– 23 sit-ups
– 23 box jumps

Lunch Abs Sesh
3-4 Rounds of
20 (10 each side) – Russian Twists
10 Bus-driver Squats (holding a light weight with arms extended the entire time – abs fully engaged)
20 Windmills (10 each side)