New Quarantingo game for April 20-30! Download the new card and start playing!

Warm-up: PVC/Broomstick Pass-throughs, Dynamic Leg Kicks (Front, Back, Side)
3 rounds of: 15 Good mornings with PVC or Band, 15 Stripper Squats, 20-second Squat Hold

A: reps of Single Leg Deadlifts (all reps each side)
B: 3 Rounds of 5 reps Sumo Deadlifts
C: 2 Rounds For Time of:
– Farmer’s Carry (50 Steps out and back)
– 24 Overhead Lunges (one weight double handed)
– 12 V-ups

Lunch Booty Sesh:
30 Seconds for each movement (each side when single legged) – Repeat the entire thing once. Be sure to keep your foot flexed up to engage the back side of your left for each movement.
– Side Leg lifts (laying on your side keeping your shoulders and hips stacked, toes flexed, raising side of foot to ceiling) (30 seconds on right, 30 seconds on left)
– Heel to sky raises (on hands and knees, raise on leg with heel to ceiling until your leg is fully extended – repeat for whole 30 seconds) (30 seconds on right, 30 seconds on left)
– Glute-Bridge Pulses (start with heels, hips and shoulders on ground, push hips to ceiling, squeeze butt cheeks at the top, keep your feet flexed throughout. Repeat for full 30 seconds)
– One leg raised, Glute-Bridge Pulses (same as above but with one leg raised straighened and foot flexed) (30 seconds on right, 30 seconds on left)
– Glute-Bridge Hold, Pulsing Leg Raises (Hold Glute-Bridge, straighten one leg and lower it and raise until straight in line with body in hold. Repeat for the 30 seconds and complete no both right and left side)

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