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Are you playing Quarantingo yet?

PVC Pass-throughs, Big Leg kicks (front, back, side)
Then: 3×20 sec couch stretch hold each leg
Then: 3x Wall Walks or box handstand hold
Then: 6 rounds As Fast As Possible of: 3 Star Jumps, 3 Air Squats

A: Presses 3 rounds, 4 reps
B: Push Presses 3 rounds, 5 reps
C: 3 Rounds For Time of:
50 Steps out and back Over/Under Carry
10 Alternating Snatches
10 Push-ups

Lunch Abs Sesh:
30 Sec: Laying Leg Raise
30 Sec: Plank Leg Raise
30 Sec: Rest
30 Sec: Butterfly Sit-ups
30 Sec: Supermans
30 Sec: Rest
Repeat twice