Monica and her husband celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary drinking prosecco in their PJs 🙂

PVC Pass-throughs, Big Leg kicks (front, back, side)
10 baby makers squat
10 squat reach, each side
10 wide arm swing/hugs
10 supine push-ups
10 dead bugs

“Fantastic 50”
For Time:
50 Jump Tucks (sub Jumping jacks if knee issues)
50 Push-ups (sub RX+ with plyo push-ups)
50 Air Squats
50 sec Handstand holds (sub: kick ups)
50 Walking lunges
50 Sit-ups (sub: weighted sit-ups)
50 second L-Sit Hold (sub: wall sit)
50 Burpees
(Scale = 30 or 20 reps of each)

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