Please read! Updated news from Anni in response to the changing COVID-19 situation:

With a most heavy heart, I must let you all know we are going to close LCF until 4/7/20 at the earliest. As of 8:30pm tonight (3/16/20) we will be closed.

Please understand that we will do all we can to keep you active and moving during this time. We are in the process of formulating an at-home programming and some fun weekly challenges. Also keep in mind, you are the heart and health of our small community, your continued support is the only way we will be able to open doors again when this is over, in a couple of weeks.

We have been through a lot at LCF and this is just another bump in the road, albeit, brand-new territory.

Please reach out to me, Anni, if you have any other questions, concerns, comments.

Link to full text of updated news in response to the changing COVID-19 situation.

Home WOD for Tuesday:
3 min AMRAP of Burpees
Rest 2 minutes
4 min AMRAP of 5 v-ups, 10 Squats
Rest 3 minutes
5 min AMRAP of 10 step up, 15 supermans, 20 double unders or jumping jacks
Rest 4 minutes
Run 5 min out, 5 min back.

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