Amazing turnout for “Gabe” 💖

On Thursday, May 31 at 6pm in lieu of open gym we will be welcoming Amy Delong-Martin for a special stretching, rolling out, and mobility class. Donations to Amy appreciated, but not required. Her website:

a. 1RM Front squat
b. AMRAP in 12 minutes
– 6 alternating DB snatch (65,45)
– 10 knee ins
– 50m single arm overhead carry
– 10 knee ins
– 6 pistols

4pm Kettlebell
a. Snatch test
b. 2 rounds: 10 double swings, cleans and presses
c. Snatch/burpee
5/1 4/2 3/3 2/4 1/5

6pm Olympic Lifting and Open Gym

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