Saturday – 2/24/18

Rochelle working hard on the box!

We’re so proud of all our members doing the Open! Remember to input your score on the Games site by Monday and we will validate it.

8am Kettlebell
35 on 10 off 3 rds
– Split squat l/r
– Close grip pushup
– 1-arm kb rows l/r
– 1-arm kb press l/R
– Reverse alt kb goblet lunges
– Inchworm
– Ball slams
– Decline pushup
Finisher of Tabata squats

9am WOD
a. AMRAP in 20 minutes
– 1 clean and jerk (225,165)
– 2 rounds of Cindy (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats)
– 200m run
b. 3 rounds for time:
– 20 sit ups
– 10 toes to bar

10am Olympic Lifting

Friday – 2/23/18

Congrats to Michelle, Sean, and Tatiana–our BINGO raffle winners!

“Open 18.1”
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
8 toes-to-bars
10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks (50/35)
14-cal. row/12-cal row
Click here for official scaled specs
Please note–if you are officially competing in the Open, you will need to perform the 18.1 WOD with a judge–either during our designated Open slots, or by having a coach judge you during class on Fridays when that week’s Open WOD is programmed. Learn more here or reach out to staff for more info.

Thursday – 2/22/18

It’s here!! The 2018 CrossFit Open starts today. Join us at 5pm for the live 18.1 announcement viewing and to cheer on the LCFers who’ll be doing the WOD. Slots will also be available throughout the weekend for anyone who wants to participate. Plus, we’ll have the BINGO raffle today at 5 as well!

a. Clean and jerk 5×3
b. “Jackie” – For time:
– 1000m row
– 50 thrusters (45,35)
– 30 pull ups
c. Handstand hold – reverse tabata

Wednesday – 2/21/18

Everybody on the rig!

Join us Thursday at 5pm to watch the live CrossFit Open 18.1 WOD announcement! And cheer on your fellow members who’ll be taking on the WOD right after. We’ll have plenty of participation slots available throughout each weekend of the Open. It’s not too late to sign up!

A. For time: (15 minute cap)
– 400m run
– 21-15-9
– Snatches (95,65)
– Burpees over bar
– 400m run
B. AMRAP in 5 minutes
– 10 DB snatch (50,35)
– 12 air squats

Tuesday – 2/20/18

Our team is growing by the day…but we need you, too!     Register at

We’re extending BINGO to Thursday!! You’ve got a few extra days to get those squares!

a. AMRAP in 6 minutes
– 8 cleans (115,85)
– 50 double unders
*3 minute rest
b. AMRAP in 6 minutes
– 10 push press (115,85)
– 40 double unders
*3 minute rest
c. AMRAP in 6 minutes
– 12 back squats (115,85)
– 30 double unders

4pm Kettlebell
3 reps l/r snatch
Farmers walk
5 reps off set pushup each side
Farmers walk
5 reps l/R front squats
Farmers walk
5 reps strict pull-ups
Farmers walk
5 reps suitcase dead lift
Farmers walk
2-4rds 30min limit

6pm Olympic lifting/Open gym