Have you signed up for the Lurong Challenge? It starts Monday! With the CrossFit Open just around the corner, the Lurong Challenge’s weekly WODs can help you get in the swing of it.

And don’t forgot to grab a BINGO card if you haven’t already!

8am Kettlebell
Kb swings/ pushups
Burpee/ bicep curls
30 on each 2 rds
Lunge to second set
Narrow pushup/ goblet squats
Ring rows/ squat jumps
Any kind of crawl to second set

9am WOD
a. 5 rounds
– 5 Burpees (as fast as you can)
– 8 Deadlift
– 1 minute rest
b. “Modified Helen” – 3 rounds for time: (10 min. cap)
– 400m run
– 21 KB swings (53,35)
– 12 handstand push ups

10am Olympic lifting practice – for anyone and everyone!