Get it, Darren!

Haven’t signed up for the comp yet? No worries, just show up Sunday at 8/8:30 to warm up and join the fun! Or, just drop by for a bit to hang out and cheer on your fellow LCF peeps! A little encouragement from the sidelines goes a long way. Plus–a little bird told me there may be coffee….

8am Kettlebell

Tabata: KB swing, KB walking lunge, KB push up, plank hold, ice skates

9am WOD

A. AMRAP in 5 minutes
– 10 Wall ball (20,14)
– 8 Toes to bar
– 6 Cal row
*2 minute rest
B. AMRAP in 5 minutes
– 10 burpee slam balls a la Darren (great idea, Darren!)
– 8 knee-ins (aka jack knives)
– 6 ring rows
*2 minute rest
c. Same as A
*2 minute rest

d. Same as B

10am Olympic Lifting

*Thursday 12/7, 6-7pm: Mobility clinic with our favorite PT Jon Ide-Don! This session will focus on back pain.

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