Tatiana with great form

A. For time: 75-90 second rest between rounds
– 6 box jump over (20,18) + 15 air squats
– 4 box jump overs, 15 air squats
– 4 box jump over, 15 air squats
– 2 box jump over, 15 air squats
B. AMRAP in 5 minutes
– 20 Double unders
– 10 Slam ball
– 50m sprint
* 2 minute rest
C. AMRAP in 5 minutes
– 20 Mt. Climbers
– 10 wall ball
– 50m sprint

Lafayette Reservoir Run!
It’s time to lace up those running shoes! The Lafayette Reservoir Run is right around the corner which is the perfect opportunity to do a longer training run AND support our local schools!
– Who: You, your family members (kids too!), friends, anyone!
– What: 2 mile fun run, 5k run or 10k run (your choice!)
– When: Sun, Oct 22 – first race starts at 8am
– Where: Mt. Diablo Blvd at Oak Hill Rd
– Why: To get fitter, support our schools and have fun!
Next step: Go to http://www.lafayettechamber.org/events/reservoir-run/ and register for the race length that you prefer.
***As the event gets closer, we will coordinate our race day plan!

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