Challenging Mike’s sense of balance.

8am Kettlebell

3 rounds
15 ring rows
12 push up
8 kb/ db double press
6 kb/db double rows
40 sec on 10 off
3 rounds
KB sumo deadlier
Squat thrust
2 hand swing
Burpee no push up
1 hand swing right/ left switch hands after 20 seconds
Burpee with pushup
KB hand to hand swings
Burpee with 2 pushup

9am WOD

Skill: Heavy Cleans
MetCon: 3 rounds for time
5 KB Snatch (L), 50m OH Walk (L), 5 KB Snatch (R), OH Walk back (R)
5 KB Cleans (L), 50m Rack Carry (L), 5 KB Clean (R), Front Rack Carry back (R)
5 Suitcase Deadlift (L), 50m Suitcase Carry (L), 5 Suitcase DL (R), Suitcase carry back (R)