The scores from yesterday’s WOD. Thanks to everyone who came to the WOD or barbecue!

Skill: Hand balancing (handstand, headstand, crow pose,…)
10 Single unders
10 double unders
20 singles
20 doubles
30 singles
30 doubles
40 singles
40 doubles
50 singles
50 doubles
4pm Kettlebell
3 rounds
6 clean/jerk L/R
100m farmers carry
6 snatch L/R
100m farmers carry
12 kb swings
On Wednesday the 31st of May we will be hosting physical therapist Jon Ide-Don from San Francisco CrossFit for a seminar on shoulder health and mobility. The lecture will be interactive, free for all LCF members, and will run from 6-7pm in place of our usual open gym hours.
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