A tribute to the fallen of 9/11

Partner WOD For time:

Buy in: 100 meter fireman partner carry 

Then: Partners work

6 rounds of:

Partner 1: 250 meter row

Partner 2: barbell front racked hold (185/135)

*switch movements/partners, prescription repeat 3 rounds for each partner

Then: 4 rounds of:

10 burpee pull-ups

standing overhead lunge (45/25)

*switch movements/partners, repeat 2 rounds for each partner

Then: 1 round of:

max reps kettle bell swings (53/35)

800 meter run

*each partner has to run a equivalent of 400 meter, switch off as needed.  


*2 teams from Lamorinda CrossFit are competing in the Femme Royale this weekend at Napa CrossFit. (55 Enterprise Court #6 // Napa, CA // 94558)

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