Friday 8/25/16

Kris, <a href=

viagra working so hard and always getting better!”/> Kris, approved working so hard and always getting better!

A: 3 rounds not for time

10 kettle bell swings

10 kettle bell good mornings

10 goblet squats

B: Every 3 minutes on the minute complete:

3 deficit deadlifts

C: 5 rounds for time of:

10 dumb bell snatches (65/45)

10 hand release push-ups

10 dumb bell goblet squats (65/45)

Thursday 8/25/16

Burpee-high-knees are fun, <a href=

stuff right?”/> Burpee-high-knees are fun, look right?

A: 2 rounds not for time of:

The Burgener warm up

B: 15 minutes to find heavy power snatch for the day

C:  Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes complete:

5 wall balls (30/20)

5 pull-ups

Tuesday 8/23/16

Coach Carrie, <a href=

approved leading by example. Thanks, cheapest Coach!”/> Coach Carrie, rx leading by example. Thanks, Coach!

A: As many rounds of the complex as possible in 5 minutes of:

deadlift + hang power clean + front squat + press + push press + push jerk + back squat + overhead squat (45/350

B: 6 – 2 minute rounds, resting 1 minute between rounds, of: 

2min to complete

Men: 300 meter row / Women: 250 meter row

Max reps push-ups


Monday 8/22/16

3 rounds not for time of:

10 Scapular Retractions form PU Bar

10 Scapular Push Ups

Then: Every 3 minutes on the minute for 15 minutes complete: 10 bench presses

Then: As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

10 kettle bell  push presses (44/26)

25 meters overhead  walking lunges (44/26)

10 kettle bell swings (44/26)

25 meters front racked lunges (44/26)