Guess who's back, back again... Em is back!

Guess who’s back, back again… Em is back!

Warm-up/ Mobility: 2 rounds not for time of:

30 second banded hamstring pulses

30 second thoracic spine foam roller stretch

10 pvc overhead squat + Sots press

A: 15 minute to build to heavy triple hang snatch

B: As Many Rounds As Possible in:

1 minute of: box jumps (24/20)

1 minute of: hang power clean (115/75)

2 minutes of: box jumps (24/20)

2 minutes of: hang power cleans (115/75)

3 minutes of: box jumps (24/20)

3 minutes of: hang power cleans (115/75)

No rest or transition time between movements.

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